Have I Misunderstood you, Marguerite?

I haven’t let you finish and yet I cannot fathom what you affirm. This god of yours is a greedy one, and an unaware one at that. To perish in his will and become holy in this annhilation, my beloved is to not become perfect. God is not what you think, and god is not what you feel is perfection; either thought are traps. But I am no better than those that have condemned you, forgive this student. And yet I cannot in all that I have learned, give myself to a god I cannot see, and cannot grab hold of, cannot even perceive with my heart. You must’ve been starved to insist that the ravenous hunger was a righteous striving that can only be satiated by this god. Beloved, mortality is granted in the flesh for a reason. To live is to grasp the very life within you and express it as honestly as you can. Not to reject it and in its place create a quagmire of proverbs and prayers held together in the hopes that this god of yours will liberate and perfect you in their holiness. Holiness is a man made trap, I have begun to learn and understand this. Forgive this student, but holiness is a stain upon the perfect body and the perfect mind. The belief of sin intertwined with mortal crimes and justifications of purity is all a holy mess. Not that evil doesn’t exist and shouldn’t be punished, but to trap the ordinary mortal in psychopathic reasoning is unfair. We are all born with free will, the challenge is to live among each other and learn to respect each life for we might stumble upon it in another or become that very life.

This student is still walking on many paths and reading the signs as best as I can. Yet I can affirm, this god at the center of creation cannot be held in a mortal. Your life is a gift, your soul is your own temple, and your breath is the expression of god’s will for you to continue until you cannot anymore.