Neptune in the 12th House

I’m alone

God is here making magic
But they won’t conjure nothing for me,
“wait a minute, just one more minute” they promised me

But I forget
A minute for God is longer than it is for me
Mortal that I am cannot see
that God has eternity
and waiting would be foolish

I’m alone

I make magic from my silences
In my silences I make up a love
From that love I drink
From my own magic I live

Changing Winds

Little efforts lost in the wind
Young trees shiver as I
The little vine in a life
Loses the seeds and it’s over with
The growth of ideas
In the midst of things
And I wonder if it was all worth it

Beginning and ending
In the middle with no lines
Just gestures of confusion
And shocked at the uncovered lies
The wind sweeps up what is left
And I’m left begging
Even though I tried my best
The best keeps changing