Writing on graph paper?

new sitting on the bulging old

I hesitated writing in the Miquel Rius journal when it arrived in the mail, never really thought of graph paper as a place to put words, it reminded me too much of math class.

Eventually, I leaned into and decided I loved writing against little graph squares, the paper was smooth, and no bleed through, even as I used the Pigma micron markers.

As I came to the very last pages, I decided to repurchase it because I enjoyed writing in it so much. I usually go for the ornate covers, the pretty designs, but the soft black cover that allowed me to punch holes to create a little makeshift closure gave me a strange pleasure. I loved the way it looks and feels.

Here’s a little video comparing how filled out it can become, and still remain intact, cause it does feel flimsy, and how it looks like when it’s brand new:

It’s available at Barnes and Noble here for 9.95$, which is not bad considering some journals can cost way more for less pages, this guy has 300 pages and allowed me to journal for a year and a half. Some journals would only afford me six months.

Why do I use a journal? It’s my therapist, plain and simple. If someone were to ask you what you’re feeling and can’t find the words- write it down. I feel more comfortable expressing myself on paper than I do with simple speech. I feel that talking causes me to regress to what is expected of me rather than what I’m actually feeling.

I think that if everyone took some time in their day to reflect their emotions on paper, that nervous energy would be streamlined, and emotions would be easier to understand once the words are right in front of you, but that’s just me. Why do you journal?