It’s Enough

three tears on a plate
glass water in the corners
you suffered much, have my heart
you had enough, have my heart

I carve out a space in my chest
iron, iron, blood is iron
spill, spill
bone and flesh; a cage it seeps

I grab the thing
and oh how I weep
you have suffered much, have my heart

but you recoil, and you depress
what is it that I’ve done?
I’m not here in jest
I’m saying, you’ve had enough, have my heart


hiding in the corners
dust settles easily on leaves
they dive and recede
come and clean
come and clean

disappearing on sun break
mornings leave a trail
noons are not hot enough
and evenings don’t come soon enough

so we hide in the corners
and settle our intentions on leaves
we dive and recede
we’re only good to clean

My Heart

You are so tender with your calls. Let’s quiet now, let’s keep sleeping love.

You reach a peak and then crawl down, you slay the morning and console the night. But let us quiet love, let us sleep.

You run a mile and walk the rest, you cast a shadow and work for nothing more than to say you work. Let’s keep quiet love, let us sleep.

When we are in want, we mistake anything with love. The hunger keeps calling and hoping to fall into warmth. But we know how cold arms can be, so quiet now, let us keep sleeping.

Basin of Illusions

I’ve broken my own heart
I looked into the basin of illusions
Handpicked the words
Re-arranged the pictures
And filled a book
With your name

I’ve taken nothing in
And yet I feel so full
My heart is a talented little thing
A magician of sorts
An alchemist
To re-arrange what “could be”
And place the “should be” heavy
Until it couldn’t be
So, I’m suffocating
In a love I made up
All on my own

Well, what else can you do girl?
Cry and cry and cry
How else are we to live?
But what if the strings you see get cut?
Why don’t we follow them?
I don’t care to find out why
I’ll cut myself free
And run the other way
But you loved him, did you not?

Oh, how cruel the sound of nails
Reaching into a waterless basin
Thirsty for water
While the tears won’t dry

Dancing Bulls

I sing your song
The words I scrapped from your mouth
I went deep into your lungs
And found some vowels
I stuffed them in my pockets
And as I dust the rubble
I sing a few
Hoping to conjure something like you

I sing a song
I learned the words in battle
How tough are we?
Two bulls torn to pieces
The hooves bloodied just from sheer stance
Horns piercing each other’s passions
How far away were we from something grand?

I sang a song you only knew
A key to that locked door of yours
I dove into your heart like a knife
I tore through each valve
And drank the life from your hopes
I think the consonants are something that failed
A map that no longer roams

Your body- a country I destroyed
I dust whatever is left
I sing your name as an anthem
As I sling your soul across my shoulder as a rifle
What are we without hate?
Are we purely love?
These vowels weigh me down so heavy
Oh, my love what atrocities lay ahead
As I drag what’s left of you tied to my legs