sparkling cider bubbles in my mouth
to love you, how?
the taste of strawberries in syrup
to love you, how?

whether the weather withers
upon the exit of a strange bird
whose wings slapped about a star
that burned across a broken sky
which from the wound petals fell
and as they rained clung to the hope
that spread as a wind
that changed directions on your whims
and these whims spin like a top
and from across the river you can see
how it spins off the table
disappearing into the glass…

sparkling cider bubbles in my mouth
to love you, how?
this taste of strawberries in syrup
to love you, how?

you lay your body over the table
gaze towards the sky
the day lays down a blade
in the form of the sun’s rays
but you shield your eyes with your hand
and the water rushes and spills over my feet
those lips a rope
and i’m being led
but i cannot swim
and the riverbeds have been carved deep
i’m swept away
your gaze still towards the sky

my mouth still bubbling with desire
to love you, how?
and hope of your love begins to fade
just a taste of strawberries in syrup now

nov 22 | sunday

i have the faith of the stars
inwards always inwards
not minding the rays that escape
not minding burning all on one’s own
i have the faith of the stars
nestled in the embrace
of what surrounds me
still burning and knowing
time does not own me
for i mold it to my whims

nov 16 | monday

there’s nothing wrong with your heart
the passion lies in the grasp of your fingers
how you choose to embrace it
is how you were trained to grip
defenses on your tongue
that have convinced your brain
nothing the heart says
is of much value
but the heart is a valve to the soul
muffled by the fantastical show

nov 14 | saturday

we’ve heard it all
ribbons of words snaking through
wrapping and wrapping
a bow to delight the babies
but they’ve heard it all before
red, blue, and white
blood sweat and tears
rebuilding on the corpses of yesterday
a eulogy turns into a wedding
and “I do’s” rumble on as the earth quakes

nov 13 | friday

the sky and what’s above it
are doing what they do
uninterested with your collection of trinkets
the sky and what’s above it
stoic like the mountains
the caves only reveal themselves
as you walk through
are you ready?
did you see?
have you been travelling in your dreams?

nov 12 | thursday

where is the soul?
what is it made of?
whatever it is, it won’t tell
it knows you’ll sell it
replace it with one that runs on batteries
the soul becomes a flower
to protect itself
it knows you’re lost
but it also knows it has time
watching until it can free itself of you

nov 11 | wednesday

forever is a lie they sing
no one wants to live forever
but the flowers do
they know they have time
so they tuck away their seeds
and make such a show to spread them
blooming to dance in whatever weather
a pretend curtaining to the show
but hightailing in the wind
to reinvent what they know

nov 10 | tuesday

let’s just strip away all of this
and walk on the grass
aren’t we tired of collecting trinkets?
why is everyone so afraid of death?
the house is dressed in dawn
the dew refreshes the lips
we all know they’ve lied about everything
so why keep sticking around?
why do we keep coming back?
the gates are not that high, there are no locks

nov 9 | monday

i really want to know
but then i forget what i do
a never-ending pursuit
just to feel grand
but i’m a little god trapped
i search and search
the crone and the hermit marry
a ceremony in the woods
a fire pit reveals a door
shall we jump in?

nov 7 | saturday

oh, my heart has been broken
not by a great love
but by this disappointing foundation
i was birthed upon
oh, my heart has been broken
not by an illusionary fantastical love
but by these unruly nations
where do i go?
where can i rest?
will i ever truly experience home?