I am at Peace with The Living I’ve Done

I’m not impressive in your thoughts
I seem to become
some mailable taffy in your eyes
something needing to be wrapped up
a little too neatly
for my mess seems like a chore
as if this is a mess
as if I am a mess
as if all this life I’ve lived
will become your mess
I am at peace with the living I’ve done
I am at ease within my own atmosphere
however disastrous it all seems
I still sail
I continue picking up what is necessary
and leaving behind what is not
I enjoy living
and I know
it’s enough

I Negotiate with My Body and Spirit Everyday

to admit it or not
there’s always a give and take
the symbiotic dance
of the electrical waves
lapping to a red, beating drum
while this body moves
as this spirit flickers and glitters
I don’t collect medals
I don’t crave a mantle to rest on
I am a moving temple
a ship with no destination
for my destination is always
wherever I land
to admit it or not
I dance in my body and spirit everyday
negotiations are always interrupted
but never monetarily gained
I wrestle with this soul of mine
I reconcile with my own face
I am no god