Grotesque Bloom

Chaotic emotions turning volatile.
I want to split into five,
like a flower blooming grotesquely.
I am in grossness,
emotions keep trying to overtake me.
Douse me in rubbing alcohol,
drown me in a pool of bleach.
Hang me to dry under the sun,
watch my skin harden and peel,
I am in grotesque bloom.
Split me in five.
This chaos is suffocating inside this human body,
I want to go in all four directions
but the north shames me down into my deepest recesses.
I am grotesquely blooming,
a flower that broke through cement,
a foundation laid by one who only wanted to crush my demonic seed.
Let me split into five,
leave me in my chaotic bloom.

A Horror

Should you have seen such a sight
Tears would be born in your eyes
And shutting the emotion
Would be impossible
As it all begins to come together
Piecing together a horror

Should you have seen such a sight
In the dead of night
Such hate could have filled your heart
And in brief, it would be
A memory that will always play
As your heart beats

Should you have seen such a sight
A gasp, a shudder of fright
Would creep under your skin as the night
Pieced together a scene of misery
A human being peeling off her skin

As the blood drips
And within, the pain cannot be soothed
Numb and incomplete
All because she cannot feel herself breathe
Not here, so she’d adhere to strip off her skin
Not knowing where else to begin