On Heartbreak

“I deserve to be loved!”, we exclaim. “I don’t deserve to be treated like this”, we rightfully argue.

People like to talk about the lesson in pain, how we can learn from the failure of not being loved how we think we should.

But we don’t listen. We sulk, cry, and throw tantrums. In all honesty, you can count yourself as a normal, emotionally healthy human being until someone breaks your heart- you then become monstrous.

We never really take time to ask ourselves the real questions because we feel time runs out too fast, you gotta live in the now! So go for it! run and crash into mountains trying to get right through, fall off every hill, bruise, get dirty and live!

And yet, when fate decides, “enough child” it ties your arms and legs and you gotta sit with all the repercussions of your behavior. Now you see the bruises, now you feel the pain- how’d that happen?

The true wisdom of life is this: you have to become so aware of yourself and your environment, so you know exactly who you are and what grounds you walk on. Everything else is just interpretations.

You can’t just throw yourself like garbage at someone and hope for the best. You can’t expect to be loved if you don’t know what that means. You can’t believe everyone’s perception of you and act according to that view and expect you’ll be okay in the long run.

We only hurt because it signals that what we believed isn’t true. Deception is a puzzle we keep trying to figure out in each other’s eyes. But liars are just people who don’t like being aware of themselves and like to deceive because it feels better than trying to just be. And why do we want to be like that? Why would we want to love someone like that?

Wisdom, remember, is awareness.

Every lie will be detected, no one can hide, and some people like to hurt others and feel pain themselves- they realized that just being brings nothing of value to them. So, they break their own hearts and other’s hearts just for the fun it brings, it changes their lives, calamity is a chance for them to truly live in it.

“But I deserve to be loved”, then learn to love the self, “but I love myself, I want someone to love me”, then let yourself be loved, “no, not that one, or that one, no not that one

You need to understand what love is, not what it should look like. We’ve been duped by fairytales, and we’ve been lied to since we took our first step in this world.

What is love though?

It is a commitment to care for another, to extend the inner compassion outwards.

Romantic love?

A reconciliation of two hearts in discord, reaching a common ground to repair and grow the selves, not just separately but together.

We’re seduced by words and promises too easily and never realize anyone can make themselves an adept snake charmer.

But real love needs you to be so aware of yourself none of that will sway you. You will detect the lies, the deceit.

Two souls destined to intertwine will eventually find each other. But you can’t open that pathway, you can’t let the energetic soul tie make their way towards you if you’re too busy closing that pathway by entertaining and being entertained by the clownish attempts of snake charmers.

Everyone deserves love. The real question is: Will you be able to recognize it when it makes its way towards you?