On Defeat: A Meditation on Failure.

The whole of our human life depends on its success as a story so it can be an inspirational map so others can follow.

That’s too much pressure.

You’re still alive? Success. You’re still going? Success.

The material needs of a human being is only necessary given the societal circumstances. We don’t need so much crap.

You got food? shelter? some clothes you can wear? a beautiful success story.

Prestige is for the leeches. Trophies exist to satisfy the poorly constructed ego. The rich are a plague.

So, what is defeat? What is complete failure?

We shame the poor and wince at the thought of ruin. Humiliation for the human being is not having enough to show the world they made it, that they’re truly successful, look at me, look at all my things!

Being humbled brings us shame and so we hurry up to try to cover this humiliation. We blame ourselves for not doing enough and we shame others for not doing enough. But what is enough?

We are programmed to want more so when we see someone who has less but is still happy it causes confusion. Shouldn’t they want more? bigger? better? Why aren’t they defeated by their material lack, aren’t they ashamed of this failure?

Why do some of us feel humiliated when we are asked, “why don’t you want more?”

To be humiliated for material lack highlights how programmed we’ve become, we don’t even ask why do we need so much. Not just the necessary, which is even something that’s becoming more expensive by the day, but an excess that is supposed to signal some kind of earned success.

We always have enough, that’s the honest truth and that’s something to be admired, to be awed at, not just feel gratitude, but awe.

Humility in the hands of the rich is a crime. Humility in the hands of fate is a lesson. Two separate things.

We’re so busy shaming each other’s poverty while the rich hoard up the resources and destroy communities just so they could have a little more, and a little more, some more, a never-ending pursuit of just a little more.

True failure is not understanding your value as a living being. True defeat is letting the tides of others drown you, letting others decide for you instead of digging deep inside and finding out the true treasure, the promised eternity, the golden chalice the myths talk about- your soul.

Regardless of what anyone says, you are successful. You’re still here, you’re still breathing, against all odds here you are with all your might waking up to another day. What a success, what a triumph, bravo.