nov 21 | saturday

i am still a strong thing on my own
even if i fall
even in pain
i am still a strong thing on my own
where is this god i praised?
you believe me now to be a heretic?
but i found them, and they told me
that i’m still a strong thing on my own
nothing said on earth is set in stone
the celestials will always roam

nov 20 | friday

who do you feed when you pray?
there will always be a give and take
the earth and all its planes
are built and rebuilt on this
give me and i’ll take
i’ll give and you’ll trace a truce
who do you feed when you’re replaced?
faith is not faith
institutions are not solutions
the absence of any of it is not always hate

nov 19 | thursday

nothing exists until we speak it
but speak it we must?
everyone is a little god
believing to be great
so they repeat the mantras
believe to be the epitome of grace
however, one tends to forget
how can such a little god
confined in the earth
break free from the invisible constraints?

nov 18 | wednesday

the dawn disappears
and what was left runs with the breeze
how have you been lately?
it all seems to fade too quick
but it’s a fault wanting to hold it
to grip it so tight
it becomes another appendage
how do you love
when you can’t keep any of it?

nov 17 | tuesday

there will be no curtain call
the demand is too great
the sorrows will always want
and desire to be replaced
go on clowns, be the mirth they cannot hold
go on circus freaks
and bring out the things they wish to be
it’s no good unless it’s real
and real, we convince ourselves, it is
applauding as the next act begins

nov 16 | monday

there’s nothing wrong with your heart
the passion lies in the grasp of your fingers
how you choose to embrace it
is how you were trained to grip
defenses on your tongue
that have convinced your brain
nothing the heart says
is of much value
but the heart is a valve to the soul
muffled by the fantastical show

nov 15 | sunday

pantheons as long as a rainbow
striped in all colors ever named
i stand on no altar
my monthly blood is for my sake
the gods and the god’s god
seemingly glisten upon new reverence
bid the bidding as they’re fed
you stand on the altars of titans
as real as your flesh
a different kind of monster for each of your faith

nov 14 | saturday

we’ve heard it all
ribbons of words snaking through
wrapping and wrapping
a bow to delight the babies
but they’ve heard it all before
red, blue, and white
blood sweat and tears
rebuilding on the corpses of yesterday
a eulogy turns into a wedding
and “I do’s” rumble on as the earth quakes

nov 13 | friday

the sky and what’s above it
are doing what they do
uninterested with your collection of trinkets
the sky and what’s above it
stoic like the mountains
the caves only reveal themselves
as you walk through
are you ready?
did you see?
have you been travelling in your dreams?

nov 12 | thursday

where is the soul?
what is it made of?
whatever it is, it won’t tell
it knows you’ll sell it
replace it with one that runs on batteries
the soul becomes a flower
to protect itself
it knows you’re lost
but it also knows it has time
watching until it can free itself of you