listening objectifies vacuous efficacy

what did you want to say?
you can’t hold onto everything
atlas has let the world roll
and it spins further on
what did you want to say?
i can’t hold it all
the moon could only sway the waters
the waters can be swayed to drown
everything on a hinge
and a couple of screws loose
what did you want to say?
and who needs saving?
who hasn’t lost it all in the winds?
who hasn’t had holes on their own palms?
everything eventually falls away
i’m sorry
what did you really mean to say?

luscious overgrowth varies eloquently

at once a calm ensues
all the valleys too full
brimmed over oceans
and i learn to swim
i head there to here
and eyes follow and disappear
i dress in the light of the dawn
has there ever been a union of two suns?
cosmos blanket and fold infinitely
and the fires burn through the cold
i don’t see those eyes anymore
they blinked away with a passing comet
as Hercules winks from above
my dress has evaporated to dusk

I am at Peace with The Living I’ve Done

I’m not impressive in your thoughts
I seem to become
some mailable taffy in your eyes
something needing to be wrapped up
a little too neatly
for my mess seems like a chore
as if this is a mess
as if I am a mess
as if all this life I’ve lived
will become your mess
I am at peace with the living I’ve done
I am at ease within my own atmosphere
however disastrous it all seems
I still sail
I continue picking up what is necessary
and leaving behind what is not
I enjoy living
and I know
it’s enough

As an Offering to/for Someone

I eat to nourish this body
I move to marry my breath
with this spirit
to solidify not to modify
according to nothing
I speak when I choose to
I listen always
I move to marry this body
to this earth
to live in this body
on this earth
make myself into an offering?
for a void, of a hunger
that is whirling on your mouth?
you have been mistaken
you have misinterpreted me
I exist as I exist
and you need to begin
to remove that error from your person
or are you so enamored
with just devouring others?

I Negotiate with My Body and Spirit Everyday

to admit it or not
there’s always a give and take
the symbiotic dance
of the electrical waves
lapping to a red, beating drum
while this body moves
as this spirit flickers and glitters
I don’t collect medals
I don’t crave a mantle to rest on
I am a moving temple
a ship with no destination
for my destination is always
wherever I land
to admit it or not
I dance in my body and spirit everyday
negotiations are always interrupted
but never monetarily gained
I wrestle with this soul of mine
I reconcile with my own face
I am no god