a heart is strange

a declaration is needed
but my heart fists my mouth
a thing of words needs to be unraveled
but my heart sharpens a knife
my mind is working on unveiling
but my heart is at the ready,
ladies, ladies, ladies
can we get it together?

this declaration is needed
these words are escaping
these things are becoming more apparent
the world is casted by the light of a single rose
but as i continue, and want to continue
the pink turns red
there my heart stands
cutting through
mouthing, “nothing will be said
i rebel against a love
made up in your head”

a hungry thing

nails scrape the scute
hard diamond eyes
you love to get lost
and carry a necklace of hearts as souvenirs
they could never tell
those eyes never give away
the disarming weakness of your gait
and the trouble arises within their psyche
but you get through so well
and soon blood drops from your lips
down between your fingers
and staining the grass maroon
how disquieting it seems to the sun that gazes
while you shine a little too bright

in the middle of the woods

a frantic hand sweeps your face
eyes as blue as the deepest sea
a faint aroma of desperation
your skin has lost all color
a strange twist in the loop of your words
and the rhythm is off its melody
a frantic hand waves at me
the pools of your tides beckon
“jump in” you say
i step back and away
“come join me” you say
i look towards the sky
a canopy of branches and leaves
“please don’t leave me”
i look to where i came
“i don’t want to be alone”
i supposed you got lost on purpose
i supposed you didn’t need anyone
but in a dream, your desperation
reached me like a ring of a phone
i shouldn’t have picked it up
i said hello
and you were gone


sparkling cider bubbles in my mouth
to love you, how?
the taste of strawberries in syrup
to love you, how?

whether the weather withers
upon the exit of a strange bird
whose wings slapped about a star
that burned across a broken sky
which from the wound petals fell
and as they rained clung to the hope
that spread as a wind
that changed directions on your whims
and these whims spin like a top
and from across the river you can see
how it spins off the table
disappearing into the glass…

sparkling cider bubbles in my mouth
to love you, how?
this taste of strawberries in syrup
to love you, how?

you lay your body over the table
gaze towards the sky
the day lays down a blade
in the form of the sun’s rays
but you shield your eyes with your hand
and the water rushes and spills over my feet
those lips a rope
and i’m being led
but i cannot swim
and the riverbeds have been carved deep
i’m swept away
your gaze still towards the sky

my mouth still bubbling with desire
to love you, how?
and hope of your love begins to fade
just a taste of strawberries in syrup now

chamomile and anise

A wall of snow
translucent spine
How is the world now
As you leave it silently?
An illusion of rainbows
A light that struck the clock
How is your world now
As it leaves your eyes?

I’ve been too cold
As always, no better- I can’t be no better-
But coldness is too familiar
It becomes the only warmth I could ever know

A wall of snow
Tumbled down
Those stained glass gaze of yours
Left you blind
I’m now silently mourning
The death of this heart…

I hadn’t even realized
Until I drank this mug of tea…

How to begin
When I cannot bury
What is still left?

winding roads

If it took so long, a century at most
a few years or less
would I still fall in love with you?

If winding roads flew off the map
sent me to forests
got me lost
would I still end up in your arms?

If all the sky fell as snow
and nothing would be left for the birds…
If all the grounds swallowed itself whole
and nothing would be left for anyone…
would I have a chance to see you?

If it took a lifetime or two
falling through someone else’s heart
would I still end up meeting you?

Beloved soul who seeks me in dreams,
is this truly enough?
wouldn’t a real warm embrace
make this lifetime
-a life full of bitterness
sweeter and more meaningful?

between the fish and the ram

the time of day when the horizon is on fire
I’m on fire too
red is seeping into the blue, bleaching as it touches
is my anger painful?
I feel the coolness of January fading into the indifference of another February.

this redness is blushing, the stillness after the burning has seeped down to my core.
my anger is too painful
so I let it go, as the evening changes,
I decide
I should change too

moon in gemini

I need room to think these feelings
really savor them in my mind
to pull them apart at the seams and
to give rise to some reason no doubt

I need room to think this feeling
hold it up high in the light
why are we always just reeling
kneeling over something so trite?

I need room to think these feelings
I mean, is this even right?
why feel these feelings?
they’re out of place, almost a lie

Who says to feel the feelings?
I think they misunderstood
everyone is too greedy
and they never really had a clue

I had room to think these feelings
and they seem like such a waste
they make it seem so thrilling
just something to fill the days