Nine- Despair and Cruelty


In the family of things
I drew the short straw
in the making of love
I drew the short straw
in the friendship realm
I drew the short straw
I take them
and use their burning
for warmth


The second sword is dug into me
their eyes didn’t seem cruel
the third sword is dug in me
I thought they seemed beautiful
the fourth was a dagger
it missed my heart
they just wanted to see
what it was like to watch someone bleed
the fifth was my own
I wanted to witness
what it’s like to dig into flesh


Everyone, everyone
all the people
I am witness to all the people
and they all a witness to me
everyone yes everyone
walks about all the people
they stare when they can’t believe
and when they believe they close their eyes
I witness the people
and how comfortable they lay
when they believe
after they supposedly prove


The sixth sword was a surprise
that I didn’t even blink
the seventh I was bored
and the eighth was someone
who was also bored
and here we have the ninth
I am the Christ’s sacred heart
I know, I am blasphemous
but these are not simple thorns
the last one you will pierce
through each of my temples
hoping I will stop seeing
hoping I will stop witnessing
hoping I get comfortable in the dark


Don’t despair
as you watch them in their bloody gowns
no, it’s not cloth
it’s the monster’s skin they don
oh, I have not finished that thought
and I will conclude it here
have you not noticed how easy they prey?
and forget all about their Christ?
they use God as their head
wandering around in the dark
just watch their paranoia
isn’t it fascinating?
because it causes destruction
it ruins your comfort
it leaves you in ruin
begging for the end of your own seasons


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