Six- Earned Success


Black matter has opened like a palm
each yod is strung across a clavicle
what if I told you God is a body?
what if I told you God is everything you stand on?
everything is truly a reflection of that face
old wisdom didn’t lie
what they missed was their human
wanting an explanation with details
it’s not the knowledge that’s elusive
it’s our interpretation of life itself


A seed opens in the dark
a seed breaks open as it pulls in the nourishment
a seed cracks the soil
a seed pulls itself over
a seed crawls and sprawls itself
a seed blooms into green
the green spreads its roots
its roots grab hold of everything
that will pull it up
its vibrations become a language
and everything turns its face to it
ready to exclaim what gives it the right
but a hush falls over
now aware of its bloom
the pollen a heady romance
a come hither to dance
in all its colors


I sit and watch the trees
I sit and watch the weather
I take notes in my mind of every pulse
every shade of blue the sky will offer
I sit and get trampled by those hurrying
saying war is right around the corner
but I have finished my battles
I am a walking ruin of my own right
Oh, they call me selfish
as I walk away from their words
from their talks of war


Let me learn how to breathe a deep breath
I saw God lurking beneath a flower petal
the bees tell me to run
but their wings buzz about something else
I learn how to deepen my breath
they saw God drinking from a well
the birds tell me to fly
but a seed I hold is sprawling itself over my palms


The vastness of nothing is not nothing
eyes can’t perceive everything
if human eyes can see everything
it would slay it and drink its blood
try to absorb the power it holds
try to mimic the movements
leaving behind their human husk
a monster crawling in the dark
paranoid of who can see
armors flanking its skin
terrorized of who will kill it
afraid of who will drink them away
to take a power they stole
and use it to overcome the dark again


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