Five- Defeat


Busy highways almost killed me
strangers love to lure the weak
I am not hungry for flesh
I am not pining for warmth
yet they rattle their cage
with promises like ransom notes
the lights obscure the light
the darkness holds no wisdom
and if you’re hungry here
no one will feed you
without shoving a holy scripture
down your gullet first


They don’t recognize defeat
they conjure up more battles instead
the words don’t even mean anything
did they mean anything when they were first uttered?
now I’m not too sure
but I know they can’t lay down their weapons
I know they rather continue the fight
they want to make my ruins a mockery
saying that God is the lieutenant beside them
they scowl when I respond
God is just the boxman


I see I have lost
I strip away the debris
I don’t analyze their weapons
but I do polish my swords
God says, polish your soul
I scowl
look at the dice man placing bets
telling me what I should do
all I know is I can’t keep on blaming
all I could claim is what I have truly lost
do I take up another battle?
and what would be my prize?


Acting on every thought
jumping the gun
face forward even as it hits the ground
we truly love the pain
when we idolize the sacrifice
I’ve slowed down these thoughts
for I can’t control the lightning
I can’t predict each strike


The Boxman watches
makes no call
a referee would be better
but probability seems exciting
when no one knows the math
every time they pin it down
it shifts like sand
go back to the desert?
no, Boxman
I’ve had enough of what I can’t hold


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