Two- Choice


I misunderstand a single glance
in it I could see warmth
but in the same
I feel coldness
a tempest
I cover my eyes and continue
I cover my eyes so I will not see


I wanted a love too pure
but oceans aren’t even like that
the sky is littered always
I wanted a love too pure
but the trees aren’t even like that
the forests are always littered
my human wants purity
to learn to make it myself
blindfolded and alone
yet I am too dirty
too sinful to care anymore


The birds have gone to sleep
I lie awake and contemplate this God
am I forsaken?
or is this all pure chance?
my kingdom ruined
my heart in a wreckage
He said He would save me
and yet loneliness has invaded
took hostage this soul
I can’t even cry anymore


Limbo, purgatory; the space between
God laughs in flowers
but the orchids mimic what you desire
to trap you
oh God, you mischievous thing
trapping me in Your desert
I set forth with each step
feeling Your roots around my ankles


A sand dune to trip over
I tumble down and feel every grain
paper cuts hurt less
my blades keep opening every wound
do I dare look behind me?
do I dare see how far I’ve come?
I tighten my blindfold
I feel the wet of my eyes
in my throat I scream
I get up and run

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