Ace- The Beginning


An emblem is set ablaze
I arise with each piercing blow
there is something here
there is something here still worthy
an emblem carved and set on fire
at the heart of the matter
I absorb all the blows
there is something here
I am here


Here in the kingdom of wreckage
I look around and smile
Yes, the rain is washing away the dirt
Yes, the rain is making mud of it all
here in the kingdom of my wreckage
I crown this glory
gripping the sword by the blade


The ideals are getting old
the gold plating is rusting
you sit and wonder about treasure
evolving just to get more
I am done with all of that
you say I have unhinged
just because I turn away from all that glitters
you say I am no longer human for not wanting anymore
but I say
I have been reborn


Just as I dehydrate into a pail
I drink my own
the salt burns
my tears are now plasma
dare I rival the sun?
dare I say I burn just the same?


Almighty stars
look down and see me
have I the same glint?
almighty God
look down and see me
have I the same reflection?
the pools in where You were born
now deserts in where I roam

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