a penny for your thoughts

my dear man here’s a penny
and some change
did the sharpness of your eyes
truly fade with time?
i’m standing in your light
but i’m also hiding in your shadows
tracing a bit of something
a glitter of something
i’m trying to decipher
as i pick the speck
and invent a harness
tie it where?
my dear man here’s a penny
and some face
how are we to know ourselves
as we get lost in each other’s maze?
i wonder about that heart of yours
do you ever wonder about this heart of mine?
i’m sure you have other things
that occupy all of your time
i’m just the wind in your hair
a whisper in your ear at midnight
and you dream of me
as i walk through clouds
and fall into your mind
my dear man, is this penny not enough?
i’m not enough, so you walk on
running your fingers through your hair
the breeze is just so strong
and midnights murmur your favorite song
and dreams don’t mean much anyways
eventually all doors just close shut
and never open again

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