looking glass

and I fell into the disarray
some banging on and some racing through
crashing and striking
lulling the senses to violence
as simple as the next breath.
I fell into the display
a mockery of childish fairytales
with endings that flourish
and knot into a ribbon
a creeping note and a sweeping melody
a sharpness and a choreography
that delays the senses.
pick up all your weapons
and dance along
whip the trees and cut down the roses
here we try to dispose of all of it
why is the richness of life
now bludgeoned neatly
into a cardboard box?
and I kept falling through
a looking glass that shattered
my own bloody fingers
my own eyes watching
the dismayed expressions
the listless dance
the demands of the heart
broken between lips
that can’t ask for more
for its been counted and sorted
for someone else

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