let me weave a string of fate

to open without hesitation
and no wound to become an obstruction
to a flow that should be natural
and nothing would deter its path
to your heart
and then to mine
to open and bloom like sweet peas
and hydrangeas with their luscious ornate petals
to open without the sense of incoming doom
and the fear of mockery
to say the words as hot as they feel
and let it flow

let me sing the melody
an orchestral whisper into dusted corners
the reverb would upturn the curtains
and somehow the veils would vanish
somehow it will seem as real as the sun shining
illuminating the blue blue sky
spearing through the cottonous clouds

opening without hesitation
a vaporous foam
a froth of petals
every uncertainty a crackle of fire disappearing
and lighting all and every path
from me
to you

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