in the throne room

the queen of fire burns her clubs
and i watch and observe
the hilt of a sword
and the glint of its light
i hold on and keep it by my side
the queen of air sharpens her spades
and i dare not back down
curious to me, these women be
and i find the cinders amusing
when shall we dance?
how much blood shall we spill?
as we spin like a top
slow and steady we gaze and gaze
one moment, it’ll demand-
and who will take its place?

“suffice to say I won’t resign”
but the queens spread the fire
i’m burned; my palms take the light
hand to neck, and spade in heart
wrist to fist, and a club in my eye
how sweet it is to die
how swell it is to feel my heart rise
the sea i command
and drown us all
i drown us all
the queen and her soaked charred clubs
the queen and her dull rusted spades
“suffice to say I won’t die”
i can’t die
i’ll live another, i live once more
a spade in my palm
the clubs in my navel
i cannot die

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