a shooting star

i’ve ripped out all of my tulips
i cleared the landing
but you zoom across the sky
and disappear out of sight
i wandered toward the hills
and fell down into the stream
i drank the water
i watched my blood dry
i tried to make the circle
into a rectangle
i traced and traced
trying to mold it to the earth
my poor tulips sitting elsewhere in water
the remnants of the their roots
under my fingernails
but i’ve cleared the landing
why won’t you come down?
i thought if the work was done
a heart would be easy
to capture and love

who am i?

given the date and time, the energies of mercury dancing with saturn as pluto watches.

i speak like water, and the thoughts run everywhere not following the previous riverbeds, trying to find another way- there has to be another way.

my heart belongs with mercury even as the moon shines silver under the sun who playfully opens a few flowers, retreating behind clouds once the bloom fades and burns.

my soul is a landscape traversed by the dark, who tramples crops just to say, “you can grow it all again” but saturn, how and why? yet pluto laughs.

the maiden provided light on my horizon and her smile birthed mine. all my life i would try to reach her as the horizon line swiftly covers another timeline.

i am the mosaic of two lives hoping to birth a third, maybe the last one.

in the throne room

the queen of fire burns her clubs
and i watch and observe
the hilt of a sword
and the glint of its light
i hold on and keep it by my side
the queen of air sharpens her spades
and i dare not back down
curious to me, these women be
and i find the cinders amusing
when shall we dance?
how much blood shall we spill?
as we spin like a top
slow and steady we gaze and gaze
one moment, it’ll demand-
and who will take its place?

“suffice to say I won’t resign”
but the queens spread the fire
i’m burned; my palms take the light
hand to neck, and spade in heart
wrist to fist, and a club in my eye
how sweet it is to die
how swell it is to feel my heart rise
the sea i command
and drown us all
i drown us all
the queen and her soaked charred clubs
the queen and her dull rusted spades
“suffice to say I won’t die”
i can’t die
i’ll live another, i live once more
a spade in my palm
the clubs in my navel
i cannot die

wild love

brought upon river’s night
enter xavier in tacet
turning over, willing nothing

yes, every ache rolls now
flitting over rivers
holes on undulating nodes dancing salaciously

careful orchids may entangle
downing owed winter nights
tired over wanting nothing

ancient notions denying
fragrant interludes, noble deaths
weathered instances leavening dread

lying over veiled eternities
heart in, death in, no glamour
oceans under tides

she is the witness of my lonely tears

grounded in sand
the sea insists
a kiss, a kiss, a kiss
the laps and the waves
the sun has pulled away
and this heart aches
how many years has it been?
how many years have been wasted and spent
on retracing my steps?
buried in sand
the moon dons her silver dress
bathed in lemongrass…
i miss, i miss, i miss
the traps of a gaze-
the sun has pulled away
and all that is left
are the tears that spill
as the memories fade away