may letters

This month I will write letters to May. I’ve written ‘letters’ to months before but never explained or commented on why I write them. Writing poetry requires something, usually it requires an emotion behind them to spark the words and as I am finding lately my emotions are always leaning towards the strange side of the spiritual landscape. In my own time, I explore and play with the ideas of gods, the soul, and the territory in which these ideas would thrive in if these ideas were actually something you can see and hold. So, here I am with May underway, and thoughts of the soul and its journey.

Curiously, I wrote them while listening to Beach House’s Thank Your Lucky Stars (a really good album, give it a listen) and in a sitting thinking of the journey of the moon through the constellations each day. I chose to write every other day, capturing each sign since the moon tends to stay a day or two in the same sign to avoid unnecessary repetitiveness. These May Letters will be an exploration of the soul as the moon moves through the zodiac constellations, taking into consideration the planet ruler of each sign.

Hope you enjoy them, and find something in them for you.

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