just a few words

do i wanna share
a few lines on love?
my darling i’m in the shade of an old oak
my heart is preoccupied with nothing
i can’t give you what you want
because i have nothing good on offer
if i were to share a few lines on love
i would sound like a cynic
born yesterday to the shoebill stork

how strong are you?
how strong are we?
isn’t it all to build a team?
to keep it all together
but no one wants to keep
because to keep
means to guard
in the cruelness
of competition

don’t i wanna share a few words on love?
they say love is devotion
devotion is attention
but attention to what?
beloved i’m attentive to the seasons
and embrace them with my own
i wish to travel with the four winds
i don’t want to root
i want to run to the west
and flee to the north
hide in the east
and head to the south when it gets cold

it’s always raining
and the humidity tickles my skin
i’m always laughing
even with empty pockets
what’s on offer love?
i got nothing to show off as a prize
darling i’m sitting under this old oak
figuring out the conversation etiquette
of old roots
i’m fine i’m okay…
a few words on love
in this world
is a cake on display