I let the rain nourish my roots

I’ve grown again; how many should it take for it to be understood?
how many times can one come back, a little bruised, something missing here and there but still somethings remain intact, for anyone to understand what drives this little life to say, I’m here?
I let the rain fall on me, I understand the cold, I understand the indifference of passersby, after all everyone has their own little life…
I understand the heat, I understand anger, I have fallen in resentment and almost drowned in it, I floated above it, the water a mirror to show the missing lushness, and so I understood to let it go, I rose again, I stood tall again and understood, I understand
I let the rain fall, my clinging is loose, I welcome the winds, come take what I can’t hold anymore,
relieve my of this weightiness,
my living is light, my light is living…