in knowing I’m a tree, I am happy

my roots have been upturned, and I have even broken them to satisfy the clinging of another’s
my branches have dried off, and even fallen right on my very roots
but even with the severing, I have renewed what has been lost, I have been restored to fullness, despite the ominous sounds of saws, and the scraping of knives
I stay firm, standing here and the sky offers me countless days and nights
in knowing where I stand, this tree is happy still even as the winds come to blow my leaves away, to ruffle me, to see if they can upturn me- and upturned me they have, and yet still, as I laid down I thought of how nice it is to finally feel what it’s like to fall, my trellis’ and my leaves as my pillows comforting me…
‘how silly!’ you say, ‘you silly human!’
ah, but my roots snake deeper into the earth in spite of your shaming, my clinging is loose, and life is something that unfurls from my fingertips