orbs of light

attraction is beauty by sight.
what am i attracted to?
what do i find visually beautiful?
smooth surfaces, shiny and glowy
things illuminated from the inside
the way the light hits
the way the light drapes itself over someone
the shadows that linger slightly, shadows that enhances the light.
cracks. breaks. shattered in stasis
static shattering, frozen in the moment as it continues to tear. allowing the light to fracture, the colors magnifying and blending into new ones causing a new rainbow to be birthed into existence. the liquid of words that penetrate and fill, causing the soft airy things to float to the surface.
the world shakes us and we become a snow globe. a flurry of moments and memories, thousands upon thousands of snowflakes, each with its own unique fingerprint floating around us, our tectonic plates rattling against each other unearthing a new part, a new appendage we can’t -as it emerges and finds its place- cannot live without. our little self, a beautiful tapestry, a menagerie, a mosaic. below the surface of our skin, if someone is versed in real beauty, will be able to see all. beauty has nothing to do with what renders men and women caricatures of a human being. beauty is deeply embedded within ourselves. it reaches out for a hand that tries to reach further in.