rainy day

blemished skin by the humidity that passes. the clouds look so careless, they leave as they came, swirling into itself before it crawls on forward. the sky holds and the sky lets go. your eyes pull and they push and i let go. waters fill into every crack on the asphalt. droplets pounding against the pavement, creating music as it hits the plastic of the umbrella with tiny little fists knocking insistently. i don’t insist. i fall over gently and join the queue heading into the sewers. the tires swish about the leftover rain, propelling them onto those waiting to cross corners, waiting to wait for the bus. i’m a little raft on my own, my spirit is sanitized with each prayer, the dark shields me from the sky, the tunnel filters us out. the promise of paradise is nothing to aim for. paradise is the breeze playing with your hair. i close my eyes. if i try hard enough i become the sky.