the pond

time is water. the pond is a mirror and a door. once it flowed over and the droplets felt like rain on my knuckles. you shouted but i couldn’t make out the words. but your lips looked so pretty moving. you became a statue that moved and then retreated back into the frame. time froze you under a sheet of ice, it mirrored the sky and on occasion my searching face in pursuit of yours. the curtained water, melting as the summer is well under way. you make it through one more time. your hands reach out, your arms peel away from the water and they reach my face. i am the anchor that pulls you up and the daydream is real. your lips are real, your face is real, you are real. a kiss hello and a kiss goodbye. you retreat into winter, you lay still. you wait for my feet to unhinge from the ground and climb into the water with you. so soon, oh soon, i just can’t seem to learn to swim.