a discovery

within me something blue grows. spreads slowly. molasses in texture and speed. slowly, slowly. steady, steady. something blue grows within me. i swallowed the sky. the clouds evaporate through my pores. i’m blue- the ocean, the sky, the rain. blueness is newness and i’m blue, blue, blue. glug, glug, glug. i drink from my newly reformed wells. i painstakingly put them back together after the disaster that was heartbreak. brick by brick, stone by stone, my wells are newly formed. the waters have renewed themselves. i’m filling up to the brim but slowly, slowly blue molasses, sweetness has collapsed itself over me. something blue is growing and nothing gnaws within my soul any longer, its carcass driven away by the sea. i’m blue, so blue no longer sad. sadness is the shadow that used to follow me. now blue, from a seed, from something so small, landed within me. i am the sky, and the sea. the waters: rivers, waterfalls, bubbling brooks, all within me. something true is finally staying with me. tears are rains, and anger are thunderstorms; i now understand my atmosphere. blueness is newness and it grows within me. steady and slowly. i’m finally brand new. i have rediscovered me.

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