roving along

You ever looked real hard at the sky from a window from looking up outside walking about shaking loose the sorrow clinging like foam on the lips looking real hard and wondering if the sky is the sea the sea is the sky and if you drown will you fall from the sky again drop into another body and scream because you came back again and again and again just waiting to begin what you want to begin staring at the sky in anger real hard eyes like lasers yea I know I know I wipe the foam of sadness and trace my scowl lines with rosehip seed oil and stare real hard at my reflection I am the sky or am I the sea blue blue blue you ever looked at yourself real hard stared so long you could’ve sworn you smiled but you got scared cause that smile never came from you walking away is easy everyone just wants to play but the sky is the sea and sea is the sky too serious for anything but too dumb for those who tell you the sky is the roof the sea is the basement but we’re just roving along in the black jelly of space trying to find a center you will always seem to misplace stare at the clouds too long they become faces stare at the waves too long they grow arms but those faces just tease a conversation and they tell you to stay away from those arms and I have to agree I don’t want to keep coming back okay alright I’ll live until I can’t fine fine the world is whatever I say the world is whatever they can prove

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