green leaves

Green leaves green leaves and a temper simmering to a boil the hot water now calms the ache and the heart is trying to find where it put down its bag filled with the stones collected by the river cause lover loved someone else cause lover did not want such a melancholy love green leaves raining pink and red petals and a temper my temper turning into a tempest but it don’t upturn the trees I turn red in the cheeks and the churning makes me dizzy and what the hell is my heart doing collecting stones by the river I took the heavy bag and spilled the earth scented rocks onto a pile of green leaves and leaves blow now from the wind is my breath now the wind I’m huffing and puffing sighing in the trouble unloading these burdens why heart come back but she says my chest is a cage and now I have no heart I’m a heartless woman wandering the woods I make trouble to those that come by purposely making them more lost than they came my green leaves now yellow and dead now it only rains white fluffy feathers and a cloud came down to me to scold my emptiness says my chest is a prison says my mind has no key and where are my manners says where am I ending says where did I begin but my green leaves turned yellow my cheeks have sallowed I say have mercy my heart has run away from me I say I can’t love without this sadness and now my green leaves have turned yellow but they turned into vapors got me talking to air now I’m in waiting waiting for the leaves to turn green again and my heart will she return maybe I should collect the stones again I threw them in haste my heart is such a peculiar thing

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