Woman is Alive

Who will accept this entirely?
a receptacle of flesh in flesh
a constant deterioration and reparation
to serve, to nurture, to then give up
a mouth a fountain to drown in
or for someone to swim in
until they tire of your nagging
which is your hands pleading
to be seen, to be heard, to be understood
who will accept this willingly?

You Pulled Me Out of the Sky

Eventually falling forward
fist in mouth, heart seeping through fingers
and you want me,
you called me out from the sky.

Full forced wind tunnels like guns shooting
swept by your tongue, and eyes like dandelions
I’m burned as I look away
even though you called me out from the sky.

I said- I love you back– in whispers
but you sold my gaze to the trees
they tuck them in each leaf
and they fall colorless…
but you called for me,
you pulled me out of the sky.


May 3, 2018

As I lose myself in a daydream, Jesus dressed in the green leaves snaps me out of it. The swaying of the colorful plastic triangles adorning the headdress of the supermarket flap wildly by the wind, and I try to imagine the son of God falling from the tree, landing on his feet onto the sidewalk, leaves sticking out of His hair and wondering where to go next.


May 3, 2018

After a hot day in spring, the clouds rolled in face first, powered by the winds and it rained. The droplets hitting the leaves and bouncing off the branches releasing the tree’s scent and landing on the soil, letting the sweet perfume of the earth swirl upwards in a dance.