Basin of Illusions

I’ve broken my own heart
I looked into the basin of illusions
Handpicked the words
Re-arranged the pictures
And filled a book
With your name

I’ve taken nothing in
And yet I feel so full
My heart is a talented little thing
A magician of sorts
An alchemist
To re-arrange what “could be”
And place the “should be” heavy
Until it couldn’t be
So, I’m suffocating
In a love I made up
All on my own

Well, what else can you do girl?
Cry and cry and cry
How else are we to live?
But what if the strings you see get cut?
Why don’t we follow them?
I don’t care to find out why
I’ll cut myself free
And run the other way
But you loved him, did you not?

Oh, how cruel the sound of nails
Reaching into a waterless basin
Thirsty for water
While the tears won’t dry